Guilty Spirituality

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to do the mediumship demonstration at Geelong’s local Spiritualist Church, I was also asked to do the inspiration talk. ‘No problem’ I said. Well, the whole week leading up to Sunday, I was left feeling anything but inspired on what to talk about. I knew inspiration would eventually come.

As I pulled into Grovedale Neighborhood House, suddenly I heard ‘Talk about guilty Spirituality’, I was like… ‘Oh that is BRILLIANT’, as guilty spirituality is something I am well experienced in!!! Trust me to get it all at the last minute, funnily enough though, I wasn’t doubting, I just knew the right thing would drop in, but talk about cutting it fine!!

One of my earliest memories is of my father telling my younger brother and I that we would go to hell if we didn’t give our lives to the ‘Lord’. I remember the fear of ‘God’ entering my heart right there and then. Fear was placed in me, and then guilt as a result of that fear quickly followed. Guilt that I wasn’t praying enough, guilt because I HATED going to church. Part of me thought I’d take the chance and burn in hell anyway, but part of me felt guilty because what if it was true?

As the years went by, I got through it all as I went through my own spiritual awakening, and recognised the influence my father had on my beliefs. Roll on the world of mediumship development and spirituality, I was then exposed to the belief system of needing to ‘whitelight’ and ‘protect’ myself against negative spirits, that I needed to meditate every to become a good medium, that I needed to drink less, swear less, do this, do that. Far out, the guilt start forming again that I wasn’t doing enough to be more ‘spiritual’.

Then it dawned on me that I am good enough, I am spiritual enough, I don’t need to prove my spirituality to anyone. I chose to let go of that guilty spirituality that I needed to be a certain way or to achieve a certain goal. As I’ve let go of the guilt, my mediumship is SO much stronger. Guilt is a real passion killer!!!

The moral of the story? Throw your guilt to the wind, and remember that you are already a spiritual being, you don’t need to change anything to become more spiritual, just learn to accept that you are Spirit having a human experience, and sometimes being human is tough.