The Intelligence of the Spirit World

I read for a massive 38 people this weekend in Echuca, in group bookings and private readings. I love the variety of the people I read for, and the variety of Spirit that came through as well. 

The intelligence of the Spirit world never ceases to amaze me.

One particular lady I have read for a few times over the years. She is an amazing and open energy to read for, one of those people that on an energetic level, is open to whatever comes through - no expectations. 

On this particular occasion I was connecting with a beloved friend of hers in Spirit. Her friend in Spirit was describing the pub they used to frequent when they were younger. 

I draw when I connect, and drew the lay out of the pub, showing exactly where they used to sit so they had their eyes on the door to see who would come in, where her friend would go for a smoke.. and then here it is.. I said 'I feel like the pub was called Ye Old Coach and Horses', and I said this laughing thinking I was wrong... 

Well blow me over with a feather, I was right!!! 

We were both gobsmacked, and just goes to show that when the energy is flowing beautifully, that there is no limit to what information can come through from Spirit. 

A reading is dependent on energy. 

My energy.

My clients energy.

Spirit's energy.

The energy of the environment I am in.

It is not simply a matter of connecting and reading, there is so much more behind the scenes that go on.

One of the biggest blockers in a reading is expectations from a client, but let's face it, we all have them, even me on myself!!! 

The easiest people to read for are those that are open to whatever might come through.

The other thing is, not every Spirit will connect with me, some will give a lot, some will give a little. 

One thing is for sure, I'll never stop being amazed at the information that Spirit can bring when the conditions are 'just right'.

Much love