Soul centred connections are what I am passionate about, through the people who come to me for readings, and the beautiful Spirits I connect with.

I am a psychic, medium and teacher based in the coastal region of Geelong, however I was born and raised in South Africa. I have travelled the world for 10 years, exploring the meaning of life which funnily enough still eludes me!  Looking back, I have realised that it has always been my calling to assist others on their own spiritual journey. Through personal soul readings or a connection with their loved ones in Spirit. I am grateful for all the experiences life has offered me and I am continuously amazed by the beautiful people that I meet through this work.  As I evolve and grow on my own personal path, so does my work as a medium.  To me it is a lifelong commitment to Spirit and humanity.

How I work


I work intuitively when a client comes to me for a reading, being guided to their greatest need which occasionally they might not be consciously aware of!  Each reading I conduct is different in nature; from soul readings revealing beautiful spiritual truths where one can feel the magic when our souls connect, to a psychic reading where I tend to strongly pick up on physical emotions and the situations around the client.  I may also connect with loved ones in Spirit who have passed on. The session may include a combination of these directions and I trust it will unfold as I’m intuitively guided. I am a highly sensitive empath who works primarily with ‘feeling’ and emotion.  I sometimes use clairvoyance, quickly seeing images in my mind and at times I just know stuff without knowing how I know it!!  This knowing sense is called claircognizance. 

I am not a ‘traditional’ psychic or fortune teller, claiming to predict your future with any degree of certainty is not something I would do. I will, however, encourage you to feel with your heart for the truth after I have accurately picked up a current or past issue around you.

There is no controlling who comes through, so keep an open mind as to who may connect first!  If you are wanting a connection with a loved one in Spirit, you are welcome to bring a photograph of them or an item that once belonged to them, that I may hold as I connect for you.  It is not essential however to have any of these.

When you come to me for a reading, you can expect that you will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion.  Ethics are extremely important to me, and if I feel the reading isn’t flowing after 10 minutes, I am likely to bring the reading to a close, and not charge you.  Sometimes it does happen that I am not able to connect, and I may just not be the right person to read for you, so please do not take this as a personal reflection of yourself. I have some wonderful colleagues who I am always happy to refer you to if it turns out I am unable to read for you.


I will not be held responsible if your future does not come true!

I will not make decisions for you.

It is good to remember that I am neither a business advisor, lawyer, nor a medical practitioner.

I can never guarantee that I will be able to connect with your loved ones in Spirit.

Training, Development & Experience

  • I recently completed a year-long teaching mentorship program, and a year-long mediumship mentorship program prior to that.

  • I have also completed two weeks of intensive mediumship training at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK, ‘The World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences’.

  • I have actively participated in countless workshops and courses on psychic and mediumship development in Australia and I am always pushing the boundaries, looking for different ways to enhance my psychic and mediumship skills.

  • To date, I have conducted almost 3000 private readings, 90 public demonstrations, many group bookings, and gatherings. I have a regular development group that I teach weekly.

  • I travel throughout Victoria and Australia, doing demonstrations, readings, and teaching workshops.