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I had a private reading with Lindie just a few nights ago and I was blown away by the things she knew about me and was amazed she was able to make contact with my Mum, who passed away just over a year ago. I've always known my Mum would still be with me, but hearing Lindie say it for certain was such a relief and I definitely got the closure I have been wanting for a long time. Thank you so much Lindie, you are amazing.
Jacqueline Pentland

Hi Lindie,
I want to thankyou so much for the reading you gave me, not only were you spot on but you are a very genuine and caring beautiful soul and I cannot wait till I get another reading from you. You are one of the most honest mediums I have ever been too and will highly suggest you to anyone who wishes to see a medium.
Thank you once again for everything,
Nickey Newman

WOW!! Thank you so very much for such an accurate reading on the RADIO!!! You are amazingly spot on with everything and left me speechless!!
Thank you for the insight. I really wanted confirmation that I am on the right path for me and without you knowing what that is, you were able to confirm it, which is just the reassurance I needed to help me feel brave enough to continue, whole heartedly and to feel confident in myself and abilities. You mentioned a course that would be held in NSW or QLD – I am already enrolled in this (in QLD). I also feel so very blessed that you were able to connect with my beautiful Dad. I knew it was him when you described that amazing smile and beautiful energy of his. His hugs you mentioned are thing I miss the most about him. It is so nice to get confirmation that he is with me. You were again so accurate with all the details, right down to the music he liked. I thank you so very much for your time and amazing insights.
You have made me so very happy and at peace and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift.
Alira Stoker

Gotta recommend this lady! I had a wonderful reading with Lindie today, and I am still processing it all in my mind, she gave me so much peace and joy as well, connecting me with the three people I really needed to hear from and I feel great! Thank you so much Lindie, so happy now

Have been to see many mediums before but no-one like Lindie. Lindie was able to connect with everyone I wanted to connect with plus many more. I had a wonderful and powerful reading and felt very comfortable throughout the whole experience. I would and will recommend Lindie to all my friends and family. Lindie you are truly amazing at what you do.
Kerry Healy

Thanks so much for the reading recently Lindie - your down to earth and welcoming nature put me at immediate ease. The gentle and respectful style in which you conducted the reading enabled me to feel supported, loved and very safe. In creating such a loving and safe environment you allowed open and loving communication to occur naturally and ethically - a wonderful gift. Your love and mastery of your craft is obvious and the great care you take with your clients is very much appreciated. Thank you for the clarity and insight you have gracefully provided me with.
With love Liz Spelman

I am so happy with the reading I received tonight,very accurate to the point Im still sitting back going "WOW" I will be highly recommending you to a lot of people. Thank you so much,
Courtney Kors

Hey Lindie, just want to let you know that I really enjoyed your company this morning. Thank you so much for the reading, i really enjoyed it and I loved seeing your passion for what you do. You have such a relaxed, comfortable and loving approach, I’ll definitely be highly recommending you. I left feeling extremely positive and uplifted, looking forward to catching up soon. xxoo
Rachel Burge

Lindie is such a heartfelt soul and the love she puts in to all she does comes from her heart,lindie did a beautiful reading for me few months ago and so much exciting things have happened since meeting her.
Sharon Dohnt xxx

Hi Lindie, Thanks for the reading today. It was amazing how accurate your reading was. I have passed the message on to my sister. She will keep it in mind. Thanks again.
Scott Dowsley

Lindie, thank you so much for such a great reading this morning! Eerily accurate on so many levels!!! The reading was every bit as fun and exciting as I’d been expecting with a few unexpected surprises!! You’re very gifted indeed! xxxxxx
Cyndi de Rossi

Thank you Lindie for an amazing reading 2day. You were spot on with so many things : ) Keep up the good work : ) xo Kylie Hadlow I had a reading with Lindie today over the phone. She was so accurate. About 95% of what she said was the truth and the other 5% may still be yet to come or maybe might not be relevant. But she made my day! Thanks Lindie :)
Jessica Gronow

Lindie’s reading was very good; she was able to accurately describe my personality and nature (and explored that on a much deeper level) which then tied into with what was going on in my life currently. Lindie picked up fine details and her style allowed me to feel at ease and comfortable. She is gentle and was respectful of my boundaries. In the 30 minute reading I received messages and information that gently guided me to be aware of and that I could place. Lindie also had a beloved relative of mine with her that communicated significant messages. Lindie is a gifted psychic-medium with heart felt intentions. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading.
Rebecca Jones

Lindie, I would just like to thank you for the wonderful phone reading we have just had. It was wonderful to connect with my son that had passed. It confirmed to me things that I thought I was imagining were actually him trying to connect with me. Also you made a few things clearer for me that I had been questioning myself over. I look forward to connecting again with you in the future. You certainly have a wonderful gift. Thank you again so much.
Michelle Kakoschke xx

Thank you for the amazing connection last night - tears and laughter - so many spirits connecting with me through you - I look forward to our next connection - you have an amazing gift - Thank you for helping make everything clearer xxx
Michelle Loilelo