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How I Work

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Each and every reading I do is different. I very much connect with my client, and am guided intuitively to what they need most out of the reading. It may not always be what they think they want though, as I am guided by Spirit. I strive to make my client feel as comfortable as possible, as this allows the reading to flow beautifully. Usually the client walks away knowing they have received what they needed out of the reading.

There are several different ways I read. I read psychically, which means I tune into my client’s energy, and am able to perceive information about their past, present, and occasionally their future. These may be issues to do with every day life, or emotional issues, or even things from the past which prevent us from moving forward. I also read on a soul level, where my energy blends with my client’s soul, and beautiful spiritual truths come forth.

Mediumship is my true love, and this is connecting with loved ones who have passed into Spirit. I blend my energy with Spirit energy, and I am able to bring through descriptions of the loved one who has passed, evidence of their time on earth, memories, hobbies, and so much more. Spirit may pass on messages of things they have seen my client doing recently, or might even describe their house! There are always messages of love and hope, and sometimes there are messages asking for forgiveness. There are no limits as to the things Spirit wishes to say.

It is not uncommon for me to combine all the ways in which I read in one reading. Generally I will know what my client needs, and work in that area accordingly.

I also connect in the same way with the animal collective, meaning I connect with animals both living and passed. I have connected with many animals in Spirit, and find much joy in bringing through evidence which can be validated by the client.

You do not have to be present for me to connect with your energy or that of your loved ones in spirit, therefore I am also able to do readings via phone and Skype. I have a natural ability for mediumship which has been awakened through my life experience, and willingness on my part to build on and refine this gift of mediumship.