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My Journey

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I have had wide and varied life experiences - all of which have contributed to the person I am today. I am grateful for these experiences.

I was born and raised in South Africa. I was adopted when I was four months old into a very religious family. My father was a pentecostal minister, and my mother a stay at home mum. My mother was probably the most loving influence I had in my life growing up. I was never allowed to voice my spiritual experiences, so consequently I pushed them away. I was one of four children, in my adopted family, however two of my brothers have crossed into spirit, they still continue to love, support and guide me from the other side, and both were an important part in my awakenings, and why I do what I do today. My sister is a missionary in the mountains of Lesotho, and none of my family approve of what I do. I had to work through many fears to get to this point in my life.

I have traveled to many countries all over the world, and spent a lot of time living and traveling in and out of London during the 90’'s and early 2000’s. I had quite a few interesting ’ghostly’ encounters in London, not surprising considering the history there!

I have had many challenging experiences on this path of mediumship, and indeed there have been many moments in the past where I have just wanted to put it all in the ’too hard’ basket, and give it up! However, spirit has had other ideas, and has constantly pushed me to go a little further. So I have used those experiences, to better myself, so I can be of service to humanity. I love my work as a medium, and I am constantly striving to push the boundaries to better myself and my work.