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My Ethics

Lindie Gunston Medium   Lindie Gunston Medium   Lindie Gunston Medium

I feel very strongly about ethics within this line of work as a medium. To give you an idea of what you can and cannot expect during a reading, please note the following:
It is important my clients are relaxed and comfortable, as this allows the reading to flow. Any attempts to ’test’ me, can actually block the flow of the reading. I always conduct my readings with love, compassion and gentleness. Very occasionally I find I am unable to read for some clients as the energy may not be flowing as it should. In this case I will end the reading if I feel that it hasn’t flowed after 15 minutes, refund your money, and recommend another medium to you. This in no way reflects anything negative about you or me. It simply means I am not the right medium for you.

As this reading is for YOU, I will not tune into the energy of someone not present at the reading without their permission, as I consider this an invasion of privacy. This means I can’t answer questions about someone else, as you are the person requesting the reading. There are occasionally, exceptions to the rule. Messages are always passed on ethically and with love from spirit.

Sometimes Spirit does seek ways to pass on messages to someone who may not be present at the reading. These are usually messages of love from those that have crossed over, to someone who may not be present at the reading.

I am not a qualified health practitioner, so I am unable to answer health questions, or make any diagnostic type comments regarding health during a reading. I will not make any decisions for you. I will endeavor to empower you to find the answer within yourself, with gentle and loving guidance from the Spirit realm.

I will never tell you any ’doom and gloom’, it’s just not how I work at all. I believe clients should leave a reading feeling empowered and uplifted.