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About Me

Lindie Gunston Medium   Lindie Gunston Medium   Lindie Gunston Medium

I am a single mum of two beautiful children who keep me on my toes. We also have a dog and two cats- all of which are blessings I am truly grateful for

It is my belief we are here on earth to remember our true essence - what we were before we moved into our human ’'being’. Often we can feel confused about our purpose in life and become disconnected from our deepest needs, certainly something I have been through myself. However, I believe by reconnecting with our true essence, or true self, we empower ourselves to improve the quality of our lives and often the lives of those around us.

Lindie Gunston Medium, Ballarat Of course, this is not always as easy as it sounds. When I had my first major spiritual awakening I was forced to realize how deeply I had buried my true essence and how little attention I had paid to my true spiritual needs. Awakening is the process of opening your heart to yourself and to the world around you, and allowing yourself to trust in your own internal guidance system.

As the beginnings of awakening are not for the fainthearted - it can be tough - I like to assist people by sharing my own experiences, however I also find Spirit is very receptive to people going through life and energetic challenges, so often my readings incorporate spiritual guidance and encouragement from loved ones who have passed into Spirit.

I started connecting with Spirit pretty early on in my awakening and it quickly became a passion to develop this gift. It is my belief the more we realize love and life ARE eternal, the easier it is to deal with the death of the physical body. One of my motivators as a medium is to give comfort and assurance death is not the end, but a rebirth into the world of Spirit.

For me the moral of the story, is even though we will all ultimately experience physical death, our Spirit cannot die and so we each live on in many beautiful ways. I believe loved ones in Spirit look for unique ways to communicate with us - we just have to be open and accept and trust in the signs they send to us! They might not come like you imagine, but if you open your mind and let go of fear and judgement, they will most surely find a way to communicate with you.